Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on Site Worth Calculator

Find solutions to frequently asked Site Worth Calculator questions. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please contact us at our email address with your query and we will respond as quickly as possible.

How often can I update a website's report?

After a day since the last update date, you can update a website's report. We established this restriction since there is no need to update a website report more frequently than once every 24 hours; note that Alexa updates its data every 24 hours.

What can I do to keep other users from seeing my website's report?

Please complete all of the procedures on the delete domain page to easily and swiftly remove your website from our database. You may restore your website and make it available to all of our users from the same page.

What should I do if I discover an error on your website?

Please do not hesitate to contact us and provide us with as much information as possible about the problem or bug you discovered on our website. If you could send any screenshots of the mistake, it would be really helpful for us to replicate it.

Is it okay if I take your estimates as 100 percent accurate?

No, even if we try our hardest to ensure that estimated information about a website, such as its worth and daily visitors, is correct, we cannot guarantee that it is. They are, in our opinion, quite close to the actual ones.

How does the software come up with the website's worth and other information?

We produce estimates about a website's traffic using unique algorithms that are updated regularly, taking into account backlinks found in search engines, Alexa data, Google PageRank, and a variety of other variables.

Is it possible for the user to submit websites to your service automatically?

We request you not to do that; if we discover that a script or a robot is being used to conduct automatic requests, we may block your IP address and prevent you from querying our website. It would also drain our bandwidth and server performance, which we do not support because this service is free.

Is it possible to generate traffic data for subdomains as well?

No, we only support domain names at the time. Remember that most subdomains are used for private purposes, such as,, and so on, and therefore generating statistics for those subdomains would be pointless.