Free Website Traffic Generator Tool | Algorithm Explanation

Here we will help to generate free website traffic and give you the best information about your domain. With the help of this tool you can calculate all the information about your domain.

With the help of this tool you can exchange the traffic from one domain to another domain.

Website traffic generator tool if free tool there is no any charges to calculate your website traffic.

How does our free website traffic generator tool work?

This is a very easy and fast website traffic generator tool. This tool basically works according to api, api will help you fetch your domain information from different-2 sources. Website traffic generators will help you to generate real traffic for your website.

How to use website traffic generator tools.

There are very simple steps to follow to generate free traffic.

Follow the below instruction to generate free website traffic.

Steps: 1 - Copy your domain url from the browser.

Steps: 2- Open Website traffic generator tool.

Steps: 3 - Paste the copied url in the search box.

Steps: 4 - This tool automatically fetches your domain information and shows it in front of you.

Steps: 5: - When you are done, your domain will be published on our website and you start getting traffic from our website as a referral.

Website Traffic Generator Algorithm

The Website Traffic Generator tool takes the following information as input.

  • Daily Pageviews
  • Daily Unique Users
  • Daily Ad Revenue Count
  • Monthly Page View
  • Monthly Unique Users
  • Monthly Ad Revenue Count
  • Yearly Pageviews
  • Yearly Unique Users
  • Yearly Ad Revenue Count
  • Domain Age Information
  • Server Response
  • Website home page meta title, description and keywords content
  • Whois information
  • Domain Target Country
  • Website Social Count etc

All the information we show on our website , this is publicly open source, some proprietary information like Alexa data.

How website traffic generator Tool helps you to rank your website.

Website traffic generator tool is a free tool which provides free referral traffic to your website. When you submit your domain on this tool, then this tool fetches your domain and lists it in the home page of And from the home page you start getting traffic. When your website gets free referral traffic then keywords start ranking in google..

What is the traffic source When you Get Traffic From

When you submitted your domain in this tool. After some time you start getting traffic from siteworthcalcuators. There is some more way to get free traffic on your website with the help of website.

Let’s Discuss some other ways of traffic.

  • Search Traffic : You can get traffic from google, bing, yahoo, yandex etc.
  • Referral Traffic : Get referral traffic from siteworthcalcuators or some other sites.
  • Direct Traffic : If you know about the url, and search directly in http or https then your traffic will count as direct traffic.

FAQs Related to the Website Traffic Generator

What is a website traffic generator?

Website traffic generator is a free tool, which helps you to generate free traffic on your website. With the help of this tool you can rank your keywords in google and other search engines.

How can You get traffic to Your website for free?

When you submit your domain into this website. Your domain will be listed in the site worth calculators home page and you start getting referral traffic from site worth calculators. You can get more traffic from other resources also with the help of this tool.

How do I find out about website traffic?

If you want to get traffic on your website then you need to list your website here. After some time when your website gets indexed by google then you start getting traffic.

How do I drive traffic to my online store?

If you have online store or ecommerce website and want to get some referral traffic then you can list your website on There is huge traffic from different different niche. Your website also starts getting some referral traffic from here.

How can I get more traffic to my website for free in 2022?

With the help of a site worth calculator tool your website will be ranked in google. When you list your website in site worth calculators. This website helps you get more traffic on your website through referral links.